Considered modern perfumes crafted with integrity.

Conceived of the head, nurtured with heart, made by hand.

Jorum Studio was founded by partners Chloe Mullen & Euan McCall.

We have been quietly building a new, world class perfume making industry here in Scotland.
Through our fragrance house Jorum Laboratories, we have formulated and crafted perfumes for some of the best loved names in perfumery over the past decade or so.

Jorum Studio is located in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our personal Scottish heritage is linked fundamentally, however we have a diverse and cultural view of the world and our place within it so it doesn’t define us but it is hard not to be inspired by our homeland.

At Jorum, we have always taken a hand-made, crafted approach to both formulation design and also manufacturing processes. 

We are a modern fragrance company creating the highest quality perfumes. 

Our focus is on the quality of the aroma, always! As such, we do everything intimately by hand, working with the finest raw materials and nurturing the subsequent solutions throughout the entire development, resting and assembly process. 

Our hand-workmanship is something we value greatly. We craft products which are unique, original, contemporary and world-class. 

Jorum Studio Collections

At Jorum Studio we take a collaborative approach to creating our collections and presentation.

As part of our core values, we commission skilled people to produce new works in either a self-directed or collaborative manner.

It is our mission to champion artists, artisans, craftspeople and designers using the resources generated from the collection to create new Jorum perfumes and collections as well as other artistic commissions. 

We use Jorum as a vehicle for our continued discovery and development but also a platform for others seeking to discover new aspects of their own craft or develop their skills. 


At Jorum Studio we commission works from others routinely, and are always looking for likeminded people to collaborate alongside.

Creating fragrances is what we live for but working with others is what we thrive on.

If you are an artist, artisan, craftsperson or would like to collaborate in some way, get in touch.