Progressive Botany Vol.I collaborators and commissioned practitioners

Juli Bolaños-Durman

Originally from Costa-Rica, Juli lives and works in Edinburgh, working across a number of mediums including mixed-media, light and glass.

Mainly working in glass, Juli has created some astounding pieces in response to the Progressive Botany Vol. I fragrances; pieces that reflect her creative eye and unique sense of humour. Juli has great understanding, not only of her own craft but of the wider creative world. This coupled with her passion for people as well as the visual arts allows her to give seemingly inanimate objects a sense of joy, movement and human-likeness.

Juli Bolaños-Durman x Jorum Studio ‘Wild Flowers’ collaboration will launch at Hauser & Wirth Somerset on October 18th.

An additional mention to Edinburgh based filmmaker ZAC + ZAC whose work in collaboration with Juli ‘Wild Flowers’ can be found at the top of Juli’s page.

A special thanks to photographer Miriam Levi. Miriam’s work can be seen at the bottom of Juli’s page. This image is from a series of intimate portraits taken at Juli’s studio in Edinburgh.

Adam Foy

Adam Foy is an illustrator and photographer based in Edinburgh. Adam designed each of the illustrations which accompany our products. With a passion for black-ink illustration, Adam has a unique ability to bring life to his drawings using only one pigment and negative space. We love Adam’s dextrous, nimble hand and humorous observations. His illustrations are light-hearted with an undercurrent of dark humour.

We also commissioned Adam, this time behind the lens, to collaborate with Alex Musgrave. You can see a portion of their ambient Progressive Botany Vol.I photographic collaboration here. Most of the work created collaboratively will be shared via our Instagram profile.

Alex Musgrave

For nearly two-decades Alex has been working tirelessly for some of the biggest and most creative fragrance brands creating bespoke content, marketing campaigns and advising on new product launches and how these can bridge the artistic nuances of perfumery with commerce. As a writer, Alex has an immense talent for transporting you to another world, one enveloped in a cloud of scent, memory and often nostalgia. For the last few years Alex has dedicated himself to self-directed photographic work and visual stimuli. We love seeing how Alex’s romantic perception that he so elegantly presents in prose, can be visually represented to create new narratives for a fragrance.

You can see more of the works created in collaboration with Adam on our Instagram account.

Sarah Louise Alexander

Sarah is responsible for the quirky little logo designs you can see across our website and our product packaging. Sarah is a tattooist and illustrator based in Edinburgh. Sarah is renowned for her whimsical and often unexpected compositions, much like the Jorum Studio fragrances!

A tattoo artist by trade, Sarah Louise Alexander has a unique viewpoint when it comes to design. Her drawings are bold, funny and at times strikingly moving, displaying a perfect balance between impactful and nuanced.

Our words don’t really do these talented folks justice - check out more of their works at their respective media outlets.

Special mentions

We have worked with Pochpac to both supply and decorate our bottles with every one requiring hand detailing. We needed to look no further than their expert and highly experienced team of artisans. Each of our glass perfume bottles have been screen-printed by hand. A special mention to Nickie and Mark whom have offered invaluable support, as always!

A very special thank-you to all Jorum Laboratories clients.

Jorum Studio continues to collaborate with talented artists and makers, promoting craft excellence.

More additions will be coming soon!

Keep in touch to know more.