At Jorum Studio our focus is on aroma and providing you with an exceptional level of service. It is our top priority to create products of the highest quality and present these lovingly for your enjoyment. If you have any queries regarding our products or if you have feedback - good or bad - relating to the service you have received, please email us:

Do you deliver overseas?

In short, yes. However it is complicated and relatively expensive. For international orders please enquire with us before placing an order.

To elaborate a little, perfume is classified as a Dangerous Good and as such requires specialist handling and training to ship internationally. Regardless of such training, there is usually a high Dangerous Goods tariff applied to fragrance products making it expensive to ship internationally.

We can provide you with quotes for international shipping but at the moment there is no economical overseas delivery method. International delivery is charged according to the destination of the parcel and the nature of the goods being shipped.

It is our aim to bring our products to you wherever you are and it is our immediate focus to partner with key retailers around the globe so you can access our wares with ease and as economically as possible, anywhere.

What currency will I pay in?

Jorum Studio is based in Edinburgh, Scotland part of the United Kingdom. Products are sold in £ sterling unless other currencies are made available.

Which credit or debit cards do you accept?

You can make secure online payments with the following credit and debit cards:
American Express (Amex)
Visa Debit

At the point of placing your order, card verification checks will be carried out.

Can I pay via Paypal?

We accept payment by PayPal. If you choose to pay by PayPal we take payment at the time your order is placed. If you do use PayPal and wish to return your purchase (or part of it), you must follow our returns policy.

Do product prices include sales taxes?

Yes, all prices on our site are inclusive of European Union sales tax (VAT) at the prevailing rate.

Why is the item I want showing online but it is not in stock?

Out fragrances are part of a collection and are produced in batches. If an individual product sells out, it will return.

We are very sorry if the product you want has sold out or keeps selling out before you can get the chance to purchase it. It is difficult to predict how many units of each product reference we will need to make.

We formulate, manufacture, assemble and send out everything by hand and in relatively small batches with each run. Naturally, this has many benefits however we do appreciate that it is annoying if a product you want is out of stock. You can always reserve a product by emailing us, which means your desired order will be reserved when the next production run is ready. We will keep you up to date with regards to the next release date and will ensure that your order is on its way to you as soon as possible. If you no longer wish to purchase your allocation, no worries! We will email you as soon as your reserved item is available and wait for 10 days for your response before releasing for general sale.

It would be amazing if we could predict how many units our customers may want to buy before we start production but sadly we don’t have a crystal ball! Our production time is long (12+ weeks) and our products are expensive to produce, so we make as much as we can afford and try our best to demonstrate when items are out of stock. If you contact us, we can give you estimates for when a fresh batch should be ready for purchase.

Where are your gift cards?

Currently we do not sell Jorum Studio gift cards. If we have significant interest in selling them, we will absolutely make a gift card available for purchase. Tell us if you think this is a good idea at:

Why do you need my telephone number?

We require your telephone number so that we can contact you quickly if there is a query on your order. We keep all of the personal details that you share with us secure.

… and my email address?

We need your email address so that we can communicate with you and also update you with the status of your order. With your consent, we would also like to keep you updated about our latest news and promotions.

Cookies, do you use them?

Yes, on our site we use cookies only to store necessary information. For more information regarding Cookies please click here.



We absolutely appreciate that aroma is wholly subjective. As such, we have tried to provide a spectrum of opinions and provided you with detailed notes across our website to make your purchasing decision a little more informed.

We never want to mislead you with our opinions or any of the information provided. The notes found throughout our website are our opinions and experiences, or those provided by others whom have sampled our products before launch. In some cases we are narrating stories of complete fantasy. Regardless, we do advise that our customers bear in mind that we absolutely love our products, so are opinions will naturally be a bit biased! But we firmly stand by our products and their inherent quality.

Aromas possess complex layers and we believe a fragrance can possess ‘effects’ and ‘textures’ too; we have tried to give our opinions as succinctly as possible within our product descriptions for your consideration. If you still feel that you require further clarity regarding any of our products, do not hesitate to email us at

Right, where is this stuff made?

We make our fragrances by hand in Edinburgh, Scotland. Every Jorum Studio product is formulated, manufactured, macerated, filtered, bottled, assembled and exported by hand from our Edinburgh base.

Our fragrances are made by Scottish Perfumer Euan McCall through our own fragrance house Jorum Laboratories.

Our outer packaging is made and/or sourced from British companies.

The bottles holding your chosen fragrance are purchased from Pochpac where they are screen-printed by hand before being shipped to us.

Our outer packaging is made by hand here in the UK using recycled materials.

The raw materials which are used in each Jorum Studio product are of the highest quality and purity, sourced globally from our supply chain. We ensure our raw materials are harvested responsibly and that all processes are performed as efficiently as possible.

Systematically, we will be selling our products globally.

As part of our core values, we work with, collaborate and commission works by artists, artisans and craftspeople located anywhere in the world. We will clearly state where other works are created as and when these are made available.

How do I know if my product is a genuine Jorum Studio work?

If you have not purchased your product from or any of the stockists authorised to sell our products, please contact us and we can try advise you on the authenticity of your purchase. We would always advise that any Jorum Studio product is purchased via our website or any of our authorised stockists to ensure what you are buying is the real McCoy.

Why is my fragrance a different colour to the last time I bought it?

Each Jorum product includes natural origin and manufactured raw materials. Each of these singular materials may experience some variation from different harvests and processing. As a result, our products may show some subtle variance in colour. This is nothing to worry about, we assess each batch of raw materials as they arrive in our laboratory as part of our Quality Control. A slight change from batch to batch and material harvest is expected and cannot be entirely controlled – our suppliers work extremely hard to ensure variances are kept to a minimum, and that’s not always an easy job!

Are your products tested on animals?

We will make this simple. None of our products have been tested on animals and they never will be.

Ok, any bovine used in your products?

None of our products contain bovine.

Are your products vegan?

Currently, there is no legal definition for vegan cosmetics including fragrance(s). As such, we cannot state that any of our products are vegan. If you have any queries relating to any of our products please email us. We are more than happy to answer any question you may have regarding the contents of our products and our production methods. Please email

Phthalate free?

None of our products contain phthalates.

Are Jorum Studio products safe?

All Jorum Studio fragrances are made by us through our fragrance house Jorum Laboratories.

At Jorum Laboratories we test all materials and formulations vigorously for safety and stability. Each and every Jorum Laboratories fragrance including Jorum Studio works are compliant in line with all current regulations and directives.

To ensure that we have performed the adequate testing, every product is tested again by an independent laboratory.

Our customers safety and health is the main concern, no product should be sold irresponsibly.

I notice you state that your fragrances are Eau de Parfum, what does this mean?

A fragrance, irrespective of whether it is constructed using 100% natural or 100% manufactured materials, is a chemical solution comprising aromatic ‘concentrate’ and solvent, mainly alcohol but often other solvents too. An Eau de Parfum can contain between 11-20% ‘concentrate’ which is then ‘diluted’ by adding solvent(s).

Higher concentrations do not always mean higher quality and vice-versa. A product with a lower concentration can contain an exceptional blend of raw materials and outperform products with a much higher concentration. As the purity and odour impact of new molecules is becoming higher and extraction methods more sophisticated, a fragrance can be dosed much lower than traditional terms such as Eau de Parfum cater for, yet outperform said traditional product(s). For example a fragrance can be dosed at 1% concentration and happily outperform a product of 30% concentration. It is not the concentration that has an absolute effect, but more about how the formula is constructed.

There is a notion that strong and imposing fragrances are better however we are of the belief that each fragrance demands its own concentration. A soft and delicate approach may suit one formula whilst another may demand a heavier dosage and, of course, interesting results can be produced when these opposites are crashed together.

So, are all Jorum Studio products Eau de Parfum?

As a general rule, we like to formulate our own products within a traditional Eau de Parfum range with a sweet-spot between 12% and 20%. All fragrances in the Progressive Botany Vol. I collection are dosed greater than 14%.

As Jorum Studio introduces new ranges; fragrances, bath and body, interior scenting systems, the concentration of fragrance will inevitably vary. Quality and ingenuity will always remain high though.

Are Jorum Studio products ‘unisex’?

None of our products are created with gender in mind. You love what you love. At Jorum, we don’t really love the term ‘unisex’ though!

Tell me, I hear about ‘luxury’ perfumes. Are Jorum Studio perfumes ‘luxury’?

In all honesty, every single perfume is ‘luxury’. Why? We don’t need it!

At Jorum Studio we absolutely understand that what we do is frivolous in the grand scheme of things. At the end of the day, we deal in expensive smelly alcohol solutions.

We take our business and the industry at-large seriously and our passion knows no limits, however we want to have fun with what we do and make people smile with our products. We dedicate ourselves and our time to crafting beautiful perfumes and products so you can focus on what is important to you.

We believe that our biggest luxury is time. We spend every waking hour crafting, researching, testing and selling perfume and looking for innovative and entertaining ways to create something new for your enjoyment. We expect that you will probably need to spend a little bit of time selecting the fragrance which is right for you, but if you would like some help with this you can always email us for recommendations.

What about ‘niche’? Is Jorum Studio a ‘niche’ perfume brand?

If by niche you mean low distribution of products which appeal to a small and specialised section of the population, then we suppose Jorum Studio is niche. With that said, we do not subscribe to the notion nor do we identify as anything other than a fragrance company which puts the quality and craft of our products and our relationships with people first.

As we create and design in-house and by hand, we are also an artisanal company. We commission and collaborate with artists, artisans and craftspeople paying them correctly for their time and skills when we cannot do something ourselves.

We also operate Jorum Studio independently. As a self-funded brand, we research, formulate, develop and bring to market all products in-house. To date, we have done this all with our own resources.

Where can I buy a sample of your products?

We currently retail sample collections for the Progressive Botany Perfume range through the website. These are made up of three 1.5ml volumes. You can find out more about our sample collections here.