Progressive bOtany vol. i

The Progressive Botany Vol. I collection is a range of perfumes by Jorum Studio, an independent fragrance brand based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Launched in 2019, Progressive Botany Vol. I takes references from nature. The collection studies and augments natural phenomena to create vivid and rich olfactory responses, using both natural and manufactured materials.

The Progressive Botany Vol. I collection products are made to delight and challenge in equal measure.

Progressive Fragrance

Progressive fragrances do not conform to any standard form in traditional or modern perfumery. These are ‘free-form’ fragrances which pave their own way (sorry, we know that sounds pretentious). Each are challenging and multi-faceted.

Each Progressive fragrance has a complimentary Botany offering.

Our intention with our Progressive fragrances is to create innovative products which are potent and polarising however, reveal themselves after hours of intimate wearing.

Arborist - a day spent in the verdant canopy, distillery hard at work in the distance and skin heavy with the days graft. Imposing and delightfully alluring.

Carduus - an alter of spices, wood, resin and roots. With an intriguing buoyancy oscillating between weightless vapours and dense fluidity.

Phloem - marbled and ultraviolet. An olfactory umami sensation assaults before embracing. Giddy skin and devilish desires.

Botany Fragrance

Where our Progressive fragrances could be described as non-conformist and intentionally challenging, the Botany offerings are perhaps a little more familiar - original twists on slightly more traditional perfumery structures which present new sensory forms.

Each Botany fragrance has a complimentary Progressive offering.

We like to wear Botany fragrances liberally, the more the better really!

Medullary-ray - savoury Tuscan fruits and noble woods. A sensory suspension which whirls and envelops, compounding to an assertive signature.

Trimerous - it is the hidden bits which are the most interesting. Exploring three often discarded facets of precious root. Exalting, effervescent and enigmatic.

Nectary - lush, vibrant, mysterious and luminous. Contemporary and unexpected pairings distill to create an imagined garden which unfurls on skin.


Progressive Botany Vol.I collaborators

To date, we have commissioned and are collaborating with the following artistic practitioners for the launch of Progressive Botany Vol. I. We have plans to collaborate more, adding new works progressively and including an ever increasing roster of talent.

Adam Foy is an illustrator and photographer. Adam designed each of the illustrations which accompany our products as well as some fantastic photographic imagery.

Alex Musgrave - writer and photographic set designer. Alex worked closely with Adam to create some stunning imagery for the website.

Juli Bolaños-Durman - multi-disciplinary artist- mainly working in glass, Juli has created some astounding pieces in response to the Progressive Botany Vol. I fragrances.

More information on all of our collaborators can be found here.

Limb illustration
The perfume industry has hit a creative ‘bump in the road’ with every brand, young and old, churning out new riffs on old melodies. We try do something new with each and every fragrance we make. This drive to create original products keeps us focussed, through investigation, analysis, experimentation, success - and sometimes failure - but ultimately it keeps us hungry and passionate.
— Chloe Mullen, Founder